138th Annual General Meeting of MAN SE

The 138th Annual General Meeting of MAN SE for the 2017 financial year was held on May 16, 2018 in the MAN Truck Forum of MAN Truck & Bus AG in Munich.

We are proud to be hosting this great event this year with 88 hostesses and hosts, service staff, stage assistants, make-up artists and helping hands. For that, we thank the great teams for the endurance, always a good mood and an exemplary team spirit.

We thank MAN SE for the trust we have placed in us once again and a very good cooperation. We look forward to continuing this in 2019.



We are proud to be hosting this year’s Movimentos Festwochen in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg with our hostesses and hosts, service staff, shuttle drivers and hands.

The Brazilian Grupo Corpo, who was the first company in KraftWerk in 2003, impressed with her choreographies “Dança Sinfônica” and “Gira”. The two performances in KraftWerk were at the same time the last in this special venue, which will no longer be available after 16 years due to the planned renovation. The program of the 16th Movimentos Festival included 51 events in the past five weeks under the theme “Dignity”.

We thank the Autostadt for the trust placed in us again and the always exemplary and trusting cooperation.

We would also like to express a big thank to our 68 employees for their exemplary commitment.

You are the best.


For the first time this year we have been commissioned to organize and position the hostesses and hosts for the Daimler Annual General Meeting in Berlin.

191 hostesses and hosts were with us on April 5th in the CityCube in Berlin in use. Our tasks included the complete care of the shareholders, from accreditation to parking space instruction, direction, product presentation, seating, counting of votes as well as welcome and farewell of over 6,000 shareholders and guests.

We are proud to have made our contribution to the successful performance of the Annual General Meeting. We are very grateful for the trust placed in us and the great and close cooperation with Daimler AG and look forward to future joint projects.

Volkswagen International Media Drive

After the up! GTI was presented for the first time at the GTI meeting at the Wörthersee in May 2017. In January 2018, the international press was able to drive the vehicle on the Côte d’Azur and report on the enormous driving pleasure in detail. Our charming and multilingual hostesses and hosts welcomes the international guests at the airport in Nice, accredited for vehicle briefing and handed over all information about the vehicle. After the successful journey, the guests were given a charming farewell by the hostesses. We thank Volkswagen for the confidence it has given us and are already looking forward to the new joint projects.

BMW Motorsports season finale 2017

BMW Motorsport held the annual BMW Motorsport season review on 15.12.2017 in the BMW Group Classic. During the evening event, international BMW drivers and teams were honored for their commitment and trophys.

In addition to BMW internal drivers, DTM drivers and teams, private drivers and private teams, officials and partners, sponsors and journalists, the guests included BMW management and VIPs. The event languages were German and English.

We are proud to have looked after this great event with our competent and charming hostesses and thank the customer for the trust placed in us. We are already looking forward to the upcoming projects.

OPEL kick-off meeting 2018

In December 2017, Opel Automobile GmbH invited the German Opel dealer, sales staff and external partners to three dealer conferences.

We are proud to have looked after these events with our competent and charming hostesses and look forward to upcoming projects.

Test Drive: Volkswagen ARTEON

The new Volkswagen Arteon was on Friday, the 23rd of June, for ten days in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. During the test drive with the Arteon, the test drivers were given an insight into the driver assistance systems and had the choice between two planned routes through the surrounding area of ​​Wolfsburg.

Our specially trained driving instructor  provided the competent advice, implementation and monitoring of the test drives and for the proper care of the vehicles.

We would like to thank Autostadt and Volkswagen for their confidence and look forward to the upcoming missions.

The Annual General Meeting 2017: MAN SE

The 137th Annual General Meeting of MAN SE for the 2016 financial year took place on 24th of May 2017 in the MAN Truck Forum of MAN Truck & Bus AG in Munich. DIVA Agenncy is proud to have looked after this important event this year as well.

We would like to thank MAN SE for the trust placed in us and look forward to continuing the successful and cooperative partnership. Specially thank goes to our great teams for the excellent work. We are proud to have you.


In over 50 events, international artists approached the festival theme “Freedom” in contemporary dance, jazz, classical music, readings and a theatrical production. Outstanding artists, the openness of a great audience and the energetic dedication of the staff have made the Movimentos Festival Weeks to a top-class cultural festival recognized throughout Europe for 15 years.

DIVA Agency is still proud to have professionally and emphatically looked after the event series this year as well. We thank the Autostadt for the trust placed in us and exemplary partnership. A big thank also goes to our always very motivated Movimentos girls and boys. We look forward to more exciting events with you.

Fleet Events 2017: SKODA KODIAQ

For the Skoda Kodiaq Fleet Events 2017 our hostesses were allowed to inspire fleet customers of the new Skoda Kodiaq at three impressive locations in Düsseldorf, Ilsede and Göppingen. The customers put the new highlights through their paces, were inspired by the topic of Skoda Connect, drove off-road and had a lot of fun with the numerous assistant systems.

We thank Skoda and IdeenHerd for the great partnership and look forward to the upcoming events.

Trucknology Days 2017: MAN Truck & Bus AG

MAN Trucknology Days is a special in-house exhibition, which took place from 23rd to 25th of March 2017 in Munich. MAN exhibited about 170 vehicles from many industries for viewing and driving. MAN Trucknology Days has been established since 2008, where information meets with fascination. Around 7,000 international visitors came to Munich this year. The event was divided into two areas: the MAN Truck Forum and the MAN test track. At the Truck Forum, MAN Services and Partners showed their range of services and individual transport solutions from A like bodybuilder to Z like suppliers.

DIVA Agency is proud to have successfully and emphatically looked after the great event this year as well. We cordially thank our premium customer MAN Truck & Bus AG for the great partneship.

FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017: AUDI AG

For the seventh time, Audi was accompanying the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships as Presenting Sponsor. Audi is a partner for athletes and host to visitors and fans from all over the world. The four rings shapes the image of the Swiss holiday resort in St. Moritz for two weeks on the start building, gangs, target bow, award ceremony back wall, start bibs, shuttle cars and exhibition vehicles.

DIVA Agency is proud to have looked after this great event with a charming and professional team. We thank Audi for the great and cooperative partnership and look forward to upcoming joint projects.


For the first time in the history of the Autostadt, the summer festival “Cirque Nouveau Mobile” enchanted big and small visitors with an extensive, all-day circus program. From 23rd of June to 31st of July there was a “free maneuver” on Wednesdays to Sundays for the artists on the four main stages in the theme park on the “Mittellandkanal”. In six weeks, visitors were able to experience over 250 shows and enjoy a total of around 170 hours of programming. Young and old guests tried their own artistic skills in professional circus workshops. Until the end of August, the floating island “Cool Summer Island” invited families to relax. On the 27th and 28th of August, the dragon boat race around the 16th The Ritz-Carlton Cup provided another highlight at the end of the summer in the Autostadt.

DIVA Agency is proud of it to have been able to look after this great event series with its best teams. We look forward to the upcoming events with our premium customer Autostadt in Wolfsburg.


The winter world of the Autostadt is huge: 10,000 square meters area. Half of them take the ice rink – where there were huts in previous years there is a snowy landscape with a toboggan run. The declared goal was for guests to experience the Autostadt in its entirety. The idea was immediately accepted by guests and daily thousands of children and adults stormed the ice and snow playgrounds to enjoy a whole new winter experience. Thematically, the Autostadt surprised visitors with a trip around the world. This starts with the numerous culinary offerings and continues until the ice shows, which have been given a new concept this year: Instead of a few long ones, there are now eight short demonstrations every day. More than 40 different performances will take place until the 6th of January, each one of them will be a metropolis of this world.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the great team, which successfully transported the idea of ​​the customer to the guests and turned the event into an overwhelming success. Of course, we also thank the Autostadt for the trust that we received again in a great partnership. We are already looking forward to the next big event.

Summer Event 2015: AUTOSTADT

Visitors to this year’s summer production of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg experienced French weeks. On 11th of July, the starting gun for the many attractions and events around the motto “Vive la France!” – including the popular water features, the floating island “La Riviera” in the harbor basin, boules in the park or cooking workshops with French delicacies. “The summer production attracted a total of 506,000 visitors to the Autostadt, and our guests took advantage of the extended opening hours in August to visit the latest attractions of the Autostadt and culinary treats to the water shows in the restaurants.” At the closing weekend we welcomed nearly 50,000 guests – the best weekend of the entire summer, “says Otto F. Wachs, Managing Director of Autostadt, satisfied.

DIVA Agency is especially proud to have supported the summer production with its professional and charming event staff again. We would like to thank to the great teams who have delivered great performance combined with the best of spirits over the entire length of the event. Many thanks also to the Autostadt for the renewed trust and exemplary partnership. We are already looking forward to the upcoming events!


60 Years MAN in Munich

Happy Birthday.

MAN celebrates 60 years MAN plant in Munich with a parade of historic trucks for truckers and classic car fans. On 25th of July, 2015, spectators were able to experience the sound of historic engines from the MAN plant, along Dachauer Straße via Gabelsbergerstraße and the Altstadtring to Isartorplatz, where the parade of ten vehicles arrived. The vintage cars are witnesses of the economic miracle years and the beginning of long-distance traffic.

DIVA Agency is proud to have looked after the great and absolutely successful event with its experienced factory guides as well as the charming and appropriately dressed hostesses. Many thanks for the cooperation in partnership with MAN Truck and Bus AG and Happy Birthday.


For the 30th time the Int. ADAC Truck Grand Prix held from 26th to 28th of June 2015 at the Nürburgring. Motorsport, show and music to touch. In addition to the European Truck Championship, the spectators can look forward to breathtaking stunts and big stars on the open-air stage.

DIVA Agency is proud to be part of the winning team this year and to have supported our premium client MAN with an “insane crew” during these breathtaking days. We thank the MAN-Team for the trust and great partnership and look forward to the TRUCK-GRAND-PRIX next year.

Movimentos Festival Weeks 2015: AUTOSTADT

Advertising for the car and peace.

The Movimentos Festival in the Autostadt moved 30 000 spectators and brought the group’s reputation. The program included dance, classical jazz and pop concerts as well as scenic readings, drama productions, workshops and the Movimentos Academy for children and adolescents.

DIVA Agency is proud to have looked after this great number of events with competent, empathic and tireless hostesses, chauffeurs, artist tutors, educators, service employees as well as coordinators and heads of operations and we thank you for the great trust of our premium customer AUTOSTADT.


Auto Mobil International: AUDI AG

The AMI was this year’s venue for more than 50 world, European and German premieres. In addition, there were many market-oriented studies and exciting concept cars.

We had the honor to present the novelties of the premium brand AUDI at this year’s AMI. We would like to thank the team for the great effort and great fun. We also especially thank our customer AUDI for the trust placed in us and the great cooperation.

Movimentos Festival Weeks 2014: AUTOSTADT

We are proud that our experienced and professional event staff was also able to contribute to the success of the 65 events. For the many experiences and always great partnership, we would like to thank the organizing team of the Autostadt. We are looking forward to the next big happenings.

CeBIT: German Federal Ministry of Economics

We would like to thank the DIVA teams for the great effort and a lot of fun at this year’s CeBIT. We also especially thank our loyal and long-standing customers for the trust and great cooperation they have put into us. At the same time, we look forward to continuing the successful cooperation at the Hannover Messe from 7th to 11th of April in 2014.